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Discover the convenience and cost savings of our home collection service.

Embrace a simplified path to peace of mind with our DNA paternity self-collection kits. Say goodbye to in-person appointments as you save time and money. Our kits can be conveniently ordered online and delivered right to your doorstep. Carefully curated with all the essentials, they guarantee a seamless and hassle-free collection process. Experience the utmost simplicity and convenience in your journey towards clarity.

Kit Personalization

Experience cost-effective simplicity by crafting your own DNA testing kit using everyday supplies. With cotton swabs and envelopes, you can effortlessly collect DNA samples from the child and alleged father. Simply mail the samples directly to our laboratory, and leave the rest to us. Enjoy the convenience of this DIY approach without compromising on accuracy. Save money while experiencing a hassle-free testing process.

Fast & Accurate Results

Efficiency and precision are paramount at our laboratory as we understand the importance of timely and accurate results. We strive to complete the analysis within 2 business days, ensuring a swift turnaround. Once the results are ready, we promptly deliver them to you via email. With our DNA paternity self-collection kits, you can achieve peace of mind while maximizing both time and cost-effectiveness. Trust us to deliver efficient and accurate solutions for your testing needs.

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