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Our primary office is located in Cleveland, Ohio. We use a network of laboratories’ and sample collection facilities across the United States to be able to provide our services to anyone almost anywhere in the United States without them having to make a long trip to go to a medical facility. All of our samples follow a strict chain of custody preventing any form of tampering and guaranteeing your results are accurate. In most major metropolitan area the sample is collected and tested in the same location. In some areas this may not always be an option for certain test as a local laboratory may not be available, in a case like this the collecting facility and laboratory will work together and ship the samples through approved medical transport companies to the required facilities.


During the transportation process all samples are sealed in air tight medical containers, labeled with a code to identify them and taken my medical transport staff through the process of transport. All of our procedures meet or exceed the guidelines set forward by the American Association of Blood Banks for the safe transport of genetic materials. It is in this way that we can provide AABB accredited services to anyone anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico.


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